Why Choice Legal?

We know choosing the right medical record retrieval provider is critical to the success of your case. As your legal services partner, delivering results is paramount to our shared success and the driving force behind every engagement.

If any of the following describes how you feel about your current medical record retrieval process, we’re ready to help you:

Collecting medical records is taking longer than it should and causing unnecessary delays.

Having processed nearly a million medical records to date, we understand that the retrieval process begins with the right data at your fingertips. At Choice Legal, we have access to the legal industry’s most comprehensive and current medical provider database. This allows us to quickly identify the right person to begin the record retrieval process. With this knowledge, our legal support team then follows a simple, yet sophisticated set of protocols that allows us to collect records much faster than our peers.

Your in-house staff is buried with other work related to the case.

You shouldn’t be spending a lot of resources chasing down medical records. This could be time better allocated to other aspects of your case. Let us handle this work. While the methodology and provider database behind our record retrieval program are powerful tools, the secret to their effectiveness is the people using them. Leveraging over 30 years of experience, our team communicates with you in an honest, straightforward manner, and we hire smart, ethical attorneys and legal services professionals who will get the job done right the first time.

Your current medical record retrieval provider was not upfront about their fees and specific deliverables.

We believe in a simple and transparent billing system. There should be no confusion and mystery surrounding the billing process. When you choose to work with us, you can be assured that your billing statements accurately reflect the specific services delivered as well as clear insight to our terms. You’ll never find any hidden or surprising ancillary fees.

Sometimes you end up with incorrect medical data. Or perhaps you’re having difficulties getting what you need from a medical provider in a timely fashion.

With Choice Legal, you can always expect a high level of responsiveness you won’t find with other medical record retrieval firms. Over the years, we’ve established long-term trusted relationships with some of the top legal firms and powerhouse insurance brands in the nation through an in-depth understanding of their legal services needs and addressing them with integrity and professionalism. Furthermore, we always treat your needs with the same urgency and case as if they were our own.

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