About ChoiceLegal Medical Record Service

For over 30 years, ChoiceLegal has been providing vital legal support services to insurance companies and law firms worldwide

ChoiceLegal is a leading Nationwide medical record retrieval service provider for Insurance Companies and Defense law firms. Medical records, and the need to acquire them prior to settling a liability, disability or workers compensation claims, is a fundamental function of insurance claims handling. Historically, this has been done by claims staff or defense counsel at great expense and requiring long lead times to complete. As an outsourcing partner, ChoiceLegal helps expedite this process at lower cost, more quickly and accurately than clients can do themselves. This allows you to focus on other critical case-related activities.

Clients rely on ChoiceLegal to source, digitize and distribute tens of thousands of medical records each month. Our clients include, but are not limited to:

  • Insurance Companies
  • Self-Insured Corporations
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Law Firms
  • Government Payor Organizations
  • Healthcare Companies

In addition, we place a premium on client satisfaction. By nurturing value-driven, beneficial relationships with our clients, we become your trusted partner for medical retrieval services.

Saving You Time and Money

With an enormous affinity and understanding for the unique challenges insurance companies and law firms face, our service has provided excellent returns for our clients. We can tailor an approach that fits your exact needs.

We’ll help you eliminate time delays in collecting records, while at the same time improving the accuracy of the records you receive. By managing the entire record retrieval process for you, your staff will be free to handle other critical case-related activities and turn the record retrieval hassle into a billable expense.

Whether you are a law firm or insurance carrier, we’ll handle all the details and logistics so you can remain focused on your case.

Placing New Orders With Ease and Efficiency

ChoiceLegal, a leading medical record retrieval company uses the most advanced technology to assist in fast and efficient medical records retrieval. Our platform automates the entire process of authorization processing or Subpoena and Notice Preparation and Service, to tracking each assignment through to completion. Clients benefit from our online status access, new order entry, and secure online records repository.

Since time is of essence, we’ve simplified the order process. Authorizations can be uploaded to our site from your desk, so we can get it in the provider’s hand within 24 hours and get started retrieving your records. If you prefer, you can also place your new order by email, fax or phone. We take it from there—all the way through to delivering your records in bound and labeled sets, optional CDs, and uploading them on our secure website. 

ChoiceLegal follows HIPAA guidelines and has received a SOC 2 Type 2 report.


Types of Records

  • Medical
  • Billing
  • Employment
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Social Security
  • Accident
  • Court (civil)
  • Criminal
  • X-Ray and Films