Worried about wasting valuable staff time tracking down medical records?

ChoiceLegal™ offers Chronology services (ChoiceChron™) to our clients to assist them in organizing records in an easy to view format. By helping our clients organize and index their medical records in date order and by Provider we also in reduce the LAE expenses (T&E billing) associated with this, as well as provide review in a much more efficient manner.


  • Once we upload the requested records, we organize and index them using our proprietary software.

  • It is then uploaded to our secure web portal for you to view, print or download.

  • Easy navigation and OCR allows you to go right to the information you are looking for.


  • Significant reduction of LAE (Loss Adjusting Expenses)

  • Time is spent on actual case review, not organizing and searching

  • OCR automatically built into our ChoiceChron™ service at no additional cost